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KAT-TUN'S RESTROOM--when three pervert guys were gathered [Jul. 21st, 2013|09:43 pm]
Junnosuke X Tatsuya


TITLE: KAT-TUN'S RESTROOM--when three pervert guys were gathered
RATING: GENERAL *i think~*
NOTE: pardon for my bad English XD this fic is really old... i think i write it in 2008 first post in kattunesia forum but now the forum is inactive. so jin still in KAT-TUN at that time :)
the story is contain of short of technology and my own experience with DVD and else XD
i miss the cruel hime look of Uepi sometimes. lol...

No one knew how KAT-TUN can get that computer facility in their rest room, special for them in the JE building. And Tanaka Kouki together with Nakamaru Yuichi were the persons who is really using the computer, for editing most of their rap and beat box collaborations like an expert, and of course for something else too.

And Akanishi Jin, that real Bakanishi made his personal hidden folder with password in that. But what was Akanishi doing was to talk over about his folder and his simple password. Then do you want to know what'd happened the next?

Akanishi made Kamenashi was really suspicious about the folder's contents of Akanishi's secret private folder. He became a hacker and finally, he just can drown in his unconsciousness. Kamenashi found so much AV (Mostly porn video with lady' pussy and big boobs), but the most shocked was Jin also saved Kamenashi's photos in one folder named "My Lovely Turtle". It's a bit... pleasuring – for Kamenashi XD

Kamenashi's face burning in red colour because of his anger and shyness when he got his own photo, almost nude in the locker room to change his costume.

"AKANISHI JIN!!" he shouted hysterically. He thought of when were that Bakanishi took that photo. Kamenashi got really mad. Kouki and Nakamaru claps his shoulder and said that it was so sexy.

"I wonder how if I take a pervert picture of you, Kouki." Nakamaru laughed out loud.
"No one can take my pervert pose except I allow it." Kouki gave a big grin to his partner.
"Don't make a joke of this all Bakajin's pervert things!" Kamenashi pout and about to leave the room after he deleted all his pictures from Akanishi's secret folder, but suddenly Akanishi appeared in front of him with his folly innocent face.

"Yo!" Akanishi smiled widely.
He grabbed Kamenashi's shoulder and dragged him inside the rest room again. They stopped in front of the computer.
"What a smile" Kamenashi hissed in a low tone.
"Why do your face seem like a terrible thing had happened?" Akanishi tried to cheer him up.
"There was a very terrible thing happened, Akanishi Jin!" Kamenashi answered.
"Ee? Nani, nani?"
"Your folder!"
"Are? My folder? What happen to my folder?"
"I deleted it!"
"Eeee?! nande, nande?" Akanishi whined.

Kouki can't help to laugh for seeing Kamenashi's mad face.
"He saw that photo, Jin, the photo in the locker room."
"Eee?!! Nooo!"
"Yeah, and what do you mean for keeping all my shirtless pictures inside your folder?!"
"Mmh... nothing." Akanishi answered, "Just for fun."
"Oh, yeah, nothing, and what else that you expected me to, Kazu-chan?" he teased Kamenashi.
"Me? I... I... I just... oh, okay, I feel that you three play me around!"
"I'm not including, Kame." Maru told him with a wisely tone.
"But you are the one who save it in your mobile phone!" Kouki sounds pout.

"What?! What are you doing with my Kazu-chan's photo?!" Akanishi felt angry to hear that. Nakamaru's face burning in deep red, as well as the flushing Kame. Not for feeling shy but so much worried about how his face in the future after he faced Akanishi's hard fist for his dareness to keep Akanishi Jin's secret lover's nude photo in his mobile phone.

"GOMENASAI!" Nakamaru bowed deeply to both of them, to Akanishi and Kamenashi.
"Give it to me!" Kamenashi took his phone and quickly looked for the photo and deleted it. "I don't even understand what do you think of! Three of you! Expecially YOU!" Kamenashi gave the last word a high angry tone, pointed to Akanishi's pervert face.
"Ok." Akanishi simply answered.
"Ouh!!" Kamenashi grumbled and take a deep breath. Later he went out of the rest room while thinking, "I'm not in love with him! NO! DEFINATELY NOT!"

When Kamenashi finally not in that room, Kouki grinned happily.
"Lucky, I've copied one."
"Eeee?!" Nakamaru shocked.
"Baka!" Akanishi smacked both of their head, "How did Kazu-chan knew about the password?!"
"Yo told him by your self, Jin! You're talking too much!" Kouki said while shook his head, "Shit! It's hurt!"
"He had deleted all of your files." Nakamaru pointed the computer.
"Kazu-chan's photo?"
"All of your file. Including that boobs dancing clip too."
"It doesn't matter, I've the copy here." Akanishi showed them two pieces of CD in his hand and one DVD in other hand.
"Ah yeah!!" Kouki shouted, "Give me that video, Jin!"
"Me too, me too!!" Nakamaru followed his partner.
"Okay, but not Kazu-chan's pics!" Akanishi answered.
"I don't want it anyway, just for nagging Kame is enough." Nakamaru said wisely.
"O yeah??" Kouki raise one of his eyebrow.
"I'm pretty sure that I'm not a gay like Bakanishi."
"Oey!" Akanishi protested, "Who said I'm a gay!?"
"You said that you like Kame right?"
"Ye... Yes..."
"Okay, you are gay."
"I'm not!"
"Oh, now I'm quite understand Kame's feeling for being loved by Bakanishi."
"What do you mean, Kouki?!" Akanishi pout.
"Nothing so important."

As Akanishi glared Kouki with killing sight, Ueda Tatsuya enter the room with not so much different aura from Kamenashi in last minutes ago. Taguchi Junnosuke followed him at his back with scared face.
"Oh, come on, Tatchan, I'm just kidding, please, you know... Tatchan... I'm just kidding, ne... Last night I..." Before Taguchi finished his sentences, he finally felt the weird stare looked from his three friends. Ueda felt the same way too.
"WHAT?!" Ueda shouted the entire rest room.

~~END ????~~